Santa Fe / Mineral flyover

Will there be a flyover at Santa Fe and Mineral?

There have been extensive discussions over several years related to improving the intersection at Santa Fe and Mineral. Santa Fe is a state and federal highway, so any solutions require leadership, funding, and support from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Throughout the United States, all major metropolitan areas are divided in Metropolitan Planning Regions (MPO) for transportation. Here in the Denver area that is the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).

Every four years CDOT and all the MPOs in the state embark on a program to develop a TIP or Transportation Improvement Program. TIP funding is the primary avenue for funding large transportation improvements throughout the country. The City of Littleton is working with CDOT and Arapahoe County to pursue funding for the design of a future interchange. A concept design was drawn a few years ago but is in need of an update and has never been taken to the level of actual field design.

The estimated cost of a new interchange at this intersection is $100 million. Such a project has significant limitations, making it very difficult. Those challenges include existing railroad infrastructure, and the need to accommodate changes to the light rail operations and station.

For comparison, the single leg flyover built at County Line Road to access C-470 was built several years ago for a cost of $20 million. The improvements at Belleview, which had far less constraints, was $22 million in 1998.